Rules and Policies 2022

ICAHL Rules and Policies 2022

The Ice Centre uses the USA Hockey Rulebook as a base guideline for rules.  A few 'House' rules apply.  THE ADULT LEAGUE AT ICE CENTRE IS NOT USA HOCKEY AFFILIATED.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a sportsmanlike, competitive and fun environment for all participants.  Violence, hate and racism will not be tolerated.



Minimum Age Requirement

The ICAHL is an adult league. All players must be a minimum of 18 years old.  No exceptions.

Alcohol/Tobacco Policy

The use of alcohol and/or tobacco is prohibited in the Ice Centre premises.

  • Players “under the influence” will be removed from the game at the discretion of the officials and will be removed from the premises.
  • Players spitting chewing tobacco on the ice will be removed from the game and/or suspended.
  • Repeat violations will be subject to suspension and/or fines.


Team Composition

Rosters and Subs

  • Teams must have a minimum of 14 rostered players with a maximum of 21.
  • All players must register through our system and pay any fees due before taking the ice.
  • Teams that pay the team fee can add players at any point of the season up to the maximum(use Captain's link to sign up).

Player Eligibility

  • It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to ensure that only fully paid and properly registered players play.
  • In order for all players and sub players (team fees only) to be eligible for the playoffs they must play in 7 regular season games during the winter season or 4 regular season games in the summer season.
  • Use of an ineligible player in any game will result in team and captain discipline including but not limited to, forfeiture of game, suspension of captain, suspension of ineligible player indefinately.

Player Minimums for start of game

  •   A team must have 5 skaters and a goalie or 6 skaters for a game to begin.
  •    If a team has only 4 skaters, the game will be considered a forfeit and the teams then can have the ice to scrimmage.
  •    Officials, on and off ice, may stay at their own discetion if a team forfeits.  They are not required to stay.


Uniforms and Equipment


Each team must have a light and dark set of jerseys. The home team has the choice of dark or light jerseys prior to the start of warm-ups. Captains should discuss this before each game.  Each player must have same colored jerseys with a unique and permanent number on the back. TAPE IS NOT ALLOWED! Each player’s name and number must match the roster, and jersey numbers must be the same on both jerseys. Team Captains are responsible for compliance.

Required Equipment: 

  • Helmet(face protection strongly recommended at all levels)
  • Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shin Guards
  • Hockey Pants(breezers)
  • Hockey Skates
  • Athletic Supported/Pelvic Protector

It is each players responsibility to comply with the required equipment guidelines.  All equipment must be made for hockey and worn in the intended protective manor.  Elbow pads and shin guards must be completely covered to comply with uniform policy.

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Suspension(s)/Progessive Discipline/Supplemental Discipline

All suspensions will be reviewed by the Hockey Director.  You may not challenge or dispute the final ruling.  No refunds if you are ejected or expelled.

Progressive Discipline:  Players who are repeat offenders will incur longer suspensions, up to and not limited to league expulsion.  This will carry over from previous seasons.  This is in place to keep a safe environment for all players, officials and staff.  Problem players will be dismissed indefinitely.

Supplemental Discipline: Any incident that occurs prior to, during, or after the game is subject to review regardless of whether the action was penalized by the Referee.


Rules and "House" Rules

Body Checking is NOT ALLOWED in any Division

  • Hockey is a contact sport, but a deliberate body check should be penalized.
  • A body check that causes an injury to an opponent will face suspension(s) and/or additional disciplinary action.


Verbal Abuse/Unsportsmanlike Conduct

  • Verbal abuse by any player toward an on-ice official, off-ice official, or League official will not be tolerated. A game misconduct for verbal abuse will result in:
    • Ejection from the current game
    • Minimum one game suspension
    • Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders


Fighting is NOT ALLOWED in any Division


  • Ejection from current game
  • Minimum two game suspension
  • Progressive discipline will be used for repeat offenders, director's discretion for expulsion from league


Deliberate Attempt to Injure

A match penalty for attempt to injure or deliberately causing injury to an opponent or official with result in:

  • Major Penalty served by offending team
  • Ejection from current game
  • Minimum 2 week suspension and potential additional progressive discipline
    • The suspension will carry into any additional league(s) you play at the Ice Centre.


Four Penalty Ejection rule - House Rule

  • If you incur four minor penalties in a game you will be ejected for the remainder of the game.
    • A major or misconduct count as two toward this rule
    • If you are removed more than 3 times in a season for this rule, you will be placed in progression discipline status and may receive additional suspension(s)


Excessive Penalty Minute Totals - House Rule

All Divisions

  • Any player receiving a total of 55 minutes in penalties during the winter season, including playoffs, will receive a one game suspension.
  • Any player receiving a total of 70 minutes in penalties during the winter season, including playoffs, will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs
  • Any player receiving a total of 35 minutes in penalties during the summer season, including playoffs, will receive a one game suspension.
  • Any player receiving a total of 50 minutes in penalties during the summer season, including playoffs, will be suspended for the remainder of the season


"Ringer" Rule - House Rule

Rule applies to Fri/Sat C5, C6 and D leagues.  A player can score a maximum of 3 goals.

  • If a player scores a 4th goal, the goal is disallowed, the player is given a warning and the face off is taken to the offending teams end.
  • If a player scores a 5th or subsequent goal, he/she will be given a minor delay of game penalty.
  • A player that has score 3 goals in regulation is allowed to participate in a shootout. 


3rd Period Run Time - House Rule

  • If either team is leading by 6 or more goals in the 3rd period, the clock will run.
  • It will return to stop clock if the lead is reduced to 4 goals.


High Sticking - House Rule

  • Any player the cuts or draws visible blood with a high stick will receive a minimum 4 minute double minor penalty at discression of the referee.


Ties and End of regulation(Shootout/Overtime)

  • Regular season: If tied at the end of regulation, each team receives one point in the standings. A three-player shootout will commence, the winner will receive an additional point in the standings
  • Playoffs:  Teams will play a 5 minute stop time sudden death period.  If still tied a three player shootout will commence immediately.
  • Finals:  Teams will continue playing sudden death periods until one team scores.
    • Players serving penalties at the end of regulation/OT period are not eligible for the shootout and must remain in the penalty box until the shootout is completed.



  • All divisions play center line icing.
  • B1 division plays HYBRID ICING

Playing in Multiple Divisions

This rule sets guidelines for players who play in multiple divisions.  It is intended to keep divisions fair and players playing in divisions that suit their skills.

  • We will ask that you only can play down three levels from the highest level you play
  • Goalies can play down as many as 5 levels.  In certain instances when a goalie is needed exceptions will be granted. Sub goalies must be ok'd before participating in playoffs.
  • A player may not play on multiple teams in the same division.



Play hard, have fun, be a good sport.  Hockey is the greatest game there is, and it's for everyone.  

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