ICAHL - FAQ - Ice Centre at the Promenade - Westminster, CO

 How do I contact the Ice Centre Adult Hockey League?

By any of the following methods:

  • Address: 10710 Westminster Boulevard, Westminster, Colorado 80020
  • Phone: (303) 469-2100
  • Hockey Office: (303) 469-2100 Ext. 21
  • Fax: (303) 460-1352
  • Website: www.icecentre.com

 Can you define your levels of play?

  • B1 Division – Highly skilled hockey players who have played junior, college, semi-pro and pro hockey and others who have played at a serious competitive level.
  • B Division – Skilled hockey players playing at a high level
  • C Division – In general, players that take the ice for fun, exercise and excitement. Typically our largest division of hockey players.
  • D Division – For players with lesser defined skating and stick skills but enjoy playing in a competitive setting.
  • Over 40 Competitive – This league plays at an unexpectedly high level. Extremely competitive players over 40 years of age.
  • Over 40 Intermediate – For players over 40 years of age that are looking for a mid-level, competitive league.

B, C and D divisions are broken down into several levels for refinement of skill and ability. (ex. C-1 is a higher level than C-2, C-2 is a higher level than C-3, etc.)

 How do I know what division I should be playing in?

We strongly recommend you visit the Ice Centre and watch games in the league / division that you suspect you should join.

Do not over estimate your skills! Do not put yourself in a situation where you think you will improve if you skate with a team that exceeds your skill level. This theory rarely applies in adult hockey.

On the other hand, ringers (players with high ability playing in a lower league) are not allowed.

 How do I register with the Ice Centre Adult Hockey League?

If you are not currently on an Ice Centre team, register as a Free Agent in the "Register for Adult Hockey" section.

If you are currently on an Ice Centre team, pick up a registration form at the Ice Centre or complete the registration form found online.

 What is the definition of a Free Agent at the Ice Centre?

Ice Centre defines a Free Agent as a potential incoming player who desires to play on a team. He/she completes the Free Agent registration, and awaits assignment.

 Am I guaranteed a roster spot if I fill out a Free Agent Form?

No. Completion of the Free Agent Registration only guarantees that the League will attempt to place you on a team. Not all players are placed as teams may fill up on their own.

 Where do I play my games?

All adult hockey league games are played at the Ice Centre.

 Is the Ice Centre a USA Hockey registered league?


 Who certifies Ice Centre on-ice officials?

Ice Centre hockey officials are members of the Colorado Ice Hockey Referees Association, for more information contact www.cihra.org

 What are the league rules / policies?

Ice Centre uses USA Hockey rules except where modified by local rules. Please read the Ice Centre Rules & Policies for additional information.

 Are there practice sessions included with my league fee?

No. Though practice ice is occasionally available for rental. Contact Ice Centre General Manager for rental ice availability.

 Are jerseys included in my league fee?

No. Each team is required to have home and away jerseys that are available for purchase / use through your captain.

 What programs does the Ice Centre offer for the novice skater?

Camps for the novice and intermediate hockey player are offered by the Ice Centre. See website for additional information and dates.

 How is the Ice Centre Adult Hockey League controlled?

The Ice Centre Adult Hockey League has a strict zero tolerance policy regarding negative behavior. Players in violation of rules and policies are suspended / fined in accordance with league policy.

 Can I sub on a team?

No! All players must be paid in full and properly registered with the league to play on an Ice Centre team.

 Why should I play hockey at Ice Centre?

Simply put, we care about our players!

We offer our customers:

  • Premier Facility
  • Superior Officiating Program
  • Up-To-Date Standings and Stats
  • Management presence at all games
  • Competitive Games
  • Zero Tolerance Policy toward negative behavior
  • Water Bottles / Warm Up Pucks Supplied
  • Scorekeepers / Music
  • Competitive Pricing

 Can I play on multiple teams in the same division. 

NO! You can play Friday C3 and Sunday C3, but you may not play on two teams on the same league night.

Ice Centre Locker Rental

The Ice Centre offers the convenience of personal lockers to secure and store your hockey equipment.

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